Coronavirus Found in the Body of an Elderly Woman death Since January 6th in Macedonia

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Veles, North Macedonia – the misterious small city of Balkan where all hype is happening; from bombastic fake news and groundbreaking political dust and dirt, golden fever and money making by the keyboards of teenagers, to COVID-19 infected dead bodies that were not found since January!

 In a small town in North Macedonia, called Veles, two dead bodies have been found, infected with COVID-19. The mother (79 years old) and reportedly, her son (53)  have been dead since January and recently found by the neighbors in the building that they were living.

This news raises conclusion that the COVID-19 existed in this country way before everyone even had an information or clue on the name or very existence of this virus. The Government of North Macedonia and Minister of health mentioned that there is a possibility the virus has been present way earlier than the official first case was registered in the country – that has been on 26 of February. According to the basic, official news the first infected person in Macedonia is a 50 year old woman who came back inher motherland after a trip to Italy. She has been sick for two weeks, and after that diagnosed with COVID-19. After the entrance in the country, she has been taken under medical care and isolated for further contacts, which prevented further infections.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

According to Wikipedia update on COVID-19 in N. Macedonia, on 11.04.2020 49 new cases were registered positive, from which: 14 in Kumanovo, 13 in Skopje, 8 in Prilep, 6 in Stip and Veles each and 1 in Gostivar and Kočani each. Two new deaths were also confirmed.

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Image by Cymelium from Pixabay


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