What Activities Can be Done in Times of Coronavirus Quarantine?

In time of speed way of life, constant moving and dynamic, all of the sudden the world got a minute of shutdown. The novel virus – COVID-19 brought a new perspective into people’s lives.

After China’s recovery, Italy closed the shops, malls, caffes, restaurants, bars, schools, banned all types of social engagements. People were forced to stay at home.

Not long after Italy, almost all world followed the principle of quarantine precaution against the virus.

As a contrast of the average 21st century person, this new perspective can bring us a bright point of view and possibility to find new, fun activities while we are at home.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Some of them include:

1. Cleaning the home: – no matter how simple and boring it may sound at first, cleaning our homes can improve our mood. The act of removing and cleaning surfaces, making sorted list of necessary things and removing the unnecessary, makes room for clean vision and sense of comfort.

2. Reading: – while we have been preocupied with our daily activities, tired at night, using every moment to spend with relatives and friends, we might have left our books aside for a time. Now, we have the chance to look through out bookshelves, finish the unfinished readings or look at a new books. At least, it’s the 2020 and we have possibility to read our favorite books online, at some sites even for free!

3. Have time for yourself: – while in normal, non-quarantine conditions in the other side of the coin, now we have a precious possibility to turn and look into ourselves. Perhaps, this is the most valuable thing among everything else that this situation gifts us.

4. Spend time with our family: – no matter if we live in the same household or separate, we have the technology advantige to connect with everyone around the world. We can call and spend more quality time with our beloved ones and people we are willing to see and hear, now more than ever before.

5. Learn a new skill: – If this situation gave you lemons, you can make make a lemonade! For example, if you have been doing a job which wasn’t highly pleased with, now you have time to review your passions and learn new things that can be beneficial and educational for further business development.


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